Other nicks Björn, Bjorn, Bjoern
Real name Björn
Nationality Swedish
Date of birth 1989
Played since 2000
Team EF - Elma Friends
Used LGR HighQ
Favourite internals Headbanger, Slalom
Hated Internals Downhill, Jaws
Achievements 35 TT
World records Sink

EX: Tag, Tunnel Terror, Serpents Tale, Labyrinth, Expert System. Unofficial (that never got updated): New Wave, Slalom, Steep Corner, He He.

Bjenn is better than most kuskis, however, he is one of the primary targets of trolling, teasing and mocking in Elma Online community. For example: One of his best results was in kopasite cup, where he did get a 29th place! (out of 29 participants). He has been tought up by Thor, founder of team EF, which now a one men team, consists Bjenn as a real player only.

He has 4th best totaltime in the world but only 1 WR at the moment. As most he had 5 WRs at the same time.