Disobeying the rules will get you a warning or ban in that particular category. This means you can have multiple warnings at once in two different categories. Some minor offenses might be overlooked the first couple of times, but serious offenses will give immediate bans without warnings.

1st time: Warning
2nd time: 1 week ban
3rd time: 2 weeks ban
4th time: 1 year ban

Not allowedEdit


  • Cheating in any way*
  • Dis-/reconnecting to play battles before countdown is over
  • Repeatedly reconnecting (F12 spam)
  • Exploiting bugs
  • Playing online with save/load


  • Spamming, Flooding
  • Writing in other languages than English** (allowed in private)
  • Writing very offensive or insulting material

Starting BattlesEdit

  • Starting a battle on the same level more than once
  • Starting a battle in a level created by somebody else
  • Starting battles on offensive, buggy or otherwise unsuitable levels
  • Starting a battle in internals


  • Vandalizing the wikia
  • Being extremly rude, adding racist, anti-religious, pornography, violence themes
  • In any way trying to hack or harm the server or website*
  • Creating more than one user
  • Joining a team you're not officially a member of
  • Senseless nick/team changing



If you find a bug you should always report it according to how it's explained in this lauta topic.

Starting BattlesEdit


  • New levels never played by anyone
  • Remixes
    • Internal remixes (but not just changing object positions)
    • Remixes of others levels
    • But remember they have to be noticably different, especially when it's internals. It's always recommended to make your own levels though

Not allowed:Edit

  • Remixes only changing the start position
    • Making level smaller etc.
  • Remixes with very small changes
  • Practise/Train levels
  • Mirror levels
  • Scaled levels
  • Using same level for different battle type


You should always use your "official" nick, as in the nick you usually use or very similar nick (Tigro - Tigr0), and the team you're a member of if any.

Final WordEdit

The admins always have the final word, however if you feel you're being treated unjustly, you can send a ban appeal and another admin will look at it. Serious cases will always be discussed in the admin group.


(*) In extreme cases these can give an immediate one year or even permanent ban.

(**) There are certain words that are not English, but are commonly used and approved by community. See them here.