Warm Up
Level number 01
Also called WU
World record 14,00 Zweq
Multi world record 7,23 Jeppe & Alma
Tool-assisted world record 13,84 milagros
Apples 1
Killers 0
Ground polygons 1
Ground vertices 16
Pictures 7
Ground ground
Sky sky
Warm Up is the first internal level in Elasto Mania. It is quite flat level with an apple on the right side and a flower on the left, the driver's starting place being in the middle.

The current WR in Warm Up (as of table #340) is 14.00 by Zweq. The replay file is not public, but the style is. The tool-assisted WR is 13.84 by milagros whose style is different from Zweq's. Kazan seems to be the closest to make WR here with new mila´s style.

Internal levels
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